Welcome to Colorado Mountain Life!

What is this website all about? Well, pretty much anything that has to do with being outdoors, active, and having fun in the Colorado Rockies!

Colorado Mountain Life - Keystone Kickers, Area 51

Mike Gamahe catching air in the park at Keystone – Followcam by Toms Petrusevics

Coming to you from the most amazing place on earth (in my not-so-humble opinion) Breckenridge, Colorado, CML is going to be an amazing destination to watch jaw-dropping, professional videos, communicate with other active people in the area, and find information about things to do and the places to do them. We will also be featuring privately-owned small businesses in Colorado Mountain Towns.

We will be using some of our favorite social media channels, so please follow and subscribe! We will have more in the future, but for now, we’re going to start with the following:

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Here’s the back-story;

CML Founder Mike Gamache has shot videos for The History Channel, and produced videos for the largest privately-owned corporations in the country. He has also won several Aster, Tellie, and Medical Marketing Report awards. After 4-years as a professional Producer, he worked as an Internet Marketing Specialist while developing two marketing companies, a real estate brokerage, and property management company. Then one day, he decided that was not the life he wanted to live, so he sold, gave away, or threw away pretty much everything he owned and moved out to the mountains to live the life he has always dreamt of.

Now, Mike is a bartender and snow bum who is outdoors and active 6-7 days a week. (Although he is temporarily injured with a broken heel and broken wrist)

The dream is to take all of the skills, abilities, and equipment that he used for his previous businesses to showcase everything the mountains have to offer, while providing content that viewers and followers love.

Make sure to check in often. Starting in the Spring of 2015, there will be frequent video releases, pictures, articles, and more. We will also be opening up a free member’s area for users to communicate and interact.

We truly hope that you find value and entertainment in our website, videos, and images. Please check back often to see how things are going!

Live and Love Colorado Mountain Life!

Article by Mike Gamache, Founder: Colorado Mountain Life