Area 51 – Keystone Colorado: My Favorite Place Ever!

Area 51 Keystone Colorado

After I graduated from Kansas State University in 2006, I began my career as a Video Producer. I actually started a very successful career with clients like The History Channel, and a handful of the largest privately-owned corporations in the United States. After a few years in the industry, my heart drove me to start my own marketing company and real estate brokerage.

Shortly into my business, success seemed inevitable. Then, my business partner was in a severe wreck with a semi truck and our business went under… At the age of 32, I decided to close the business and pursue my dreams of snowboarding and producing adventure videos. To see the videos I have produced since I moved to Summit County, visit our homepage and scroll down, and check out Alec Vandeweerd’s season-end edit I produced last year.

There are many reasons I like Area 51 at Keystone so much. I have worked and lived in Breckenridge for over a year, so this may be considered blasphemous but its what I believe…

Area 51 has its own lift that is not accessed by anyone who is not riding in the park. As a result, the lift line is nonexistent for most of the season, and if there is a wait, it is just a few minutes. In Breck, the park lift is at the base of Peak 8, which is the busiest area of the mountain. It is shared by ski school, people who want to make short laps on green groomers, and people who have been drinking at one of several bars next to the lift… In a normal day, I could get 30-40 park laps at Keystone within the same amount of time that I could only get 6-10 or less at Breck.

Another great thing about Area 51 is that there are several different lines for riders to progress on. There are tiny boxes and little bumps, mid-sized rails, barrels, boxes, and kickers, large kickers and hardcore rail features, and there is a huge pro line of kickers. A51 is focused on progression and providing the variations riders need to start small and build up.

Not only does A51 have the most variation of features in the I-70 slopes, It is also the most fun to watch other riders with the lift being right next to the biggest kickers. Each lift ride up provides riders with the best view of many of the best snowboarders and skiers in the world as they practice their tricks for competitions like the X-games or the Olympics.

The Area 51 terrain park is lighted, but it has been a few years since the slope has kept the park open after 4pm. At the same time, it is cool that the front of the mountain is lighted, in case you don’t want to stop riding when it turns to 4:00pm. Unfortunately, you will have to play on the regular runs.

Not only is the park less congested at Keystone, but the mountain itself has far less visitors than Breckenridge. Parking is easier to deal with in Keystone Colorado, and in most cases, you can park right at the edge of the village and do not even need to take a shuttle.

There are a lot of amazing colorado snowboarding videos online. Check our blog often to find more of them, and visit the gallery on our homepage to see the latest Colorado outdoors videos that are produced by Colorado Mountain Life!

Area 51 - Keystone Colorado

Area 51 – Keystone Colorado

Area 51 – Keystone Colorado: My Favorite Place Ever!

Article by Mike Gamache