Next day was a travel day but first we made one last trip through Garden of the Gods at 6:30 in the morning. It is quiet then with more critters running around.

There is something exciting about hooking up a trailer that you live in and heading down the road. It’s a sense of freedom you don’t get back home, with things to take care of, yard work etc. looming. So off to 11 Mile Canyon we sped. The new Subaru Outback 6 cylinder was performing great pulling the trailer. It showed 15.9 mpg. I am having fun using the paddle shifters with the 5 speed tranny in the mountains. I avoided getting a 2015 Outback because I’m not ready for the CVT transmission. I guess I’m old school.

We had a site reserved at Springer Gulch Campground. We had been to Eleven Mile Canyon a couple of times and we will be back. The canyon is spectacular with mild white water stretches great for tubing. Our two sons Mike and Jon live in the Breckenridge area and we have watched them tubing while we relaxed under a shade tree on shore, reading a book and drinking a cold one.  We were anxious to camp there because there were no hookups and we wanted to find out how we would do in our trailer for three nights “unplugged”.

We have a fresh water tank, water heater and the normal holding tanks so we felt ready.  As we approached the entrance, there was a big sign that said “Eleven Mile Canyon closed due to flooding”. Bummer. Now what.

We luckily were able to extend our stay at Chalk Creek Campground outside of Buena Vista from 6 nights to 9. We got a nice spot in the shade and close to a beautiful stream. The staff there was very friendly. Our first night there they had a potluck supper where we met some very friendly fellow campers. We shared our camp fire, had some wine together and met for breakfast in Buena Vista. This campground experience was one of our favorites and we will probably be back.

Chalk Creek Campground Buena Vista Colorado

Chalk Creek Campground Buena Vista Colorado

Buena Vista Camping Trip

Post by Dan Gamache