Snowboarding Keystone – Last Shoot Day Spring 2016

Snowboarding Keystone – Last Shoot Day Spring 2016

The ending is more bitter than sweet. Amazing weather, the crowds have left, and the April days reward us with some of the best snowboarding Keystone mountain has to offer, yet the thing that brings purpose into my life is about to be done until next season.

This is me shooting Alec’s and my last run for the season down the Area 51 terrain park at Keystone. Not his best run, but it shows the life we lived together nearly every day.

I’m so fortunate to have met this kid. When we moved in together for the first time in 2014, I was cautious to say the least. He was 18 and I was 32. Now he’s 20 and I’m 33… 2 video producers living and snowboarding together… My childhood and teenage dreams have become my adult life, and this experience has been all the better having Alec to share it with.

He just moved out this morning and is on to his next adventure getting his pilot’s license in Michigan as I prepare to spend 4-months living in a tent in the national forest.

Over the last two years, I developed a relationship with an unlikely roommate and now he feels more like family to me. This is a special thing for someone my age to form a new and genuine friendship.

There is no activity other than snowboarding or skiing that I can imagine, which is so enchanting that allows someone to feel the way it makes me feel. No other experience is as enjoyable to share with others than snowboarding. At the same time, no other activity is more enjoyable on one’s own than snowboarding.

This is the end of my second season out here. As things die down, Summit County has a very anti-climactic ending to such an amazing Winter… Starting at the end of March, seasonal employees just disappear one-by-one usually with no goodbyes. The J1 interns fly back to their home countries. Most hotels and restaurants shut down within a week of each other. The snow melts off and the mountain towns basically shut down for the remainder of Spring during a time we call mud season.

With my injury and finances, this has been the most challenging period of my life, yet the most fulfilling. Now I have an entire Summer to focus on my physical and financial recovery and continue building my skills so that I’ll start next season as a better rider than when I’ll soon end this season as. I still plan on riding A-Basin through the end of the month, then training at the Summer Park at Copper Mountain until A-Basin opens back up in the Fall, so I should only be without snowboarding during the month of May, and the beginning of October.

One of the things I’ve learned with age is to enjoy every minute of every experience. Shooting snowboarding videos and riding daily has made me feel far more rich than any amount of money or objects ever could. I still have some hard work to do to get back on my feet, but I am extremely appreciative of everything that I do have – Amazing mountain experiences and having the capability to create new, magical memories and videos on a daily basis.

Well, its been an amazing season, and although my heart is sad at the moment, the beautiful mountain Summer will soon be here, and the slopes will be open again in no time.

Snowboarding Keystone – Last Shoot Day Spring 2016

Article by Mike Gamache