Summit County Colorado Urban Snowboarding – Ben Houle

Ben Houle 15/16 Season Summit County Colorado Urban Snowboarding

I spent most of my season trying to film in the streets and back country. I wanted to have close to a 2 min edit with zero resort shots.

Anyone can go film in the park but the streets are so much gnarlier and look way better on film. For me it’s more satisfying setting up a spot, getting a shot on something that’s not intended for snowboarding, and avoiding the cops in the process.

We put in a ton of hours this season not to mention a lot of wasted ones where we didn’t get a clip or got shut down. It can defiantly be frustrating at times but looking back its always worth it.

I’ve forever been drawn to that side of snowboarding. Going out late at night, building shit, and shredding for free with the homies. I feel that it keeps the soul of snowboarding alive in a blown out world of energy drink sponsors, coaches, and Olympic athletes. That’s all fine but somewhere along the line the soul was lost and the roots were forgotten.

We can’t forget snowboarding began with ski bums getting rowdy and riding places they weren’t allowed too. Not to mention the resorts have gotten so crowded, especially in summit county, it’s nice to get away from all that.

I enjoy looking at everyday structures and envisioning a way that it could be hit. I feel that’s when I truly found snowboarding was when I could look at something, picture a trick, then set it all up and stomp it. For me that’s the greatest feeling in snowboarding, along with pow riding obviously. Something about not having it professionally shaped and set up but instead having to rely on yourself to make a sketchy feature hit-able. I feel it also stands out as not many people put in the time to have edits like that.

Hope you enjoy it check out the other edits on our Krooked Hooligans page. lots of raging with the homies and other shenanigans. Our goal is to keep the soul of snowboarding alive while enjoying this beautiful life we live to the fullest.

Summit County Colorado Urban Snowboarding - Ben Houle

Summit County Colorado Urban Snowboarding – Ben Houle

Article by Ben Houle