Alec Vandeweerd Keystone Snowboarding Trailer 2015

Alec Vandeweerd Keystone Snowboarding Trailer 2015

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This is a short trailer that I have been working on with Alec since the beginning of the 2014/2015 ski and snowboard season.

This has been an interesting season that ended with a major injury for me. Prior to breaking my heel, literally every piece of camera equipment broke, malfunctioned, or was stolen. One of Alec’s bindings broke on a shoot day, and when everything was working well, the lighting was horrible. That being said, I’m still pretty excited about the upcoming edit(s) and this trailer came out pretty well.

The long-term goal is to use video to help Alec get sponsored and go pro.

The funny thing is that Alec and I both work and live in Breckenridge, but the setup in Area 51 is sooo ideal for progression, and the park is literally tourist and gaper free!

Something that I am excited about is that we have footage of Alec’s first double-corks. If we can get it transferred to my computer, the double cork footage will be in the final edit.

We pulled out all of the big guns for this one… Expect to see 4K drone footage in the final edit, along with many other high-end professional shots that won’t be seen in most snowboarding edits.

I expect to see Alec follow our friend Toms Petrusevičs to competitions like the World Cup of Snowboarding, the Dew Tour, and hopefully the X-Games and Olympics someday. While I sit back here happily living in Summit County, producing videos, bartending and doing some real estate business.

Living in Colorado and riding with such amazing riders is more than I could have ever asked for in life. Wish me a speedy recovery so I can get back out there and start shooting again!

Alec VandWeerd Keystone Snowboarding Area 51

Alec Vandeweerd Keystone Snowboarding Trailer 2015

Article by Mike Gamache