Breckenridge Cruisers – Bicycles, Costumes, and Beer!

Breckenridge Cruisers

Breckenridge Cruisers is a fun social gathering that happens weekly during the Summer Time.

This was my first cruisers experience. It was a blast. I met a couple dozen new people, and made several new friends.

Each week has a different costume theme. This week was “Golf Pros and Tennis Hoes”

Each week on Thursday, Cruisers visits 3 bars, which sponsor us with drink and food specials.

We all love having fun, and the town is fairly tolerant of our shenanigans, but I would like to mention that safety is still important. Cruisers, please respect your fellow cyclists and local traffic.

Make sure to check out the Breckenridge Cruisers Facebook page for costumes and locations. Come out, have fun, and be safe!

Breckenridge Cruisers

Article and video by Mike Gamache