Keystone Big Air – Toms Petrusevičs Double Cork

Keystone Big Air – Toms Petrusevičs Double Cork

Watch this video on Youtube: Keystone Big Air – Toms Petrusevičs Double Cork

I had to shoot this video blind with the Gopro. Unfortunately some of the equipment we needed for the follow-cam shot was out of commission. Still, its better than nothing.

Toms was amazing to ride with and learn from. Because of meeting him, my buddy Alec Vandeweerd has evolved into a world-class rider in the matter of a few weeks.

Although I have learned a lot from Alec and Toms, they are training for the biggest competitions in the world, while I just want to have fun and hopefully earn my way into a few videos in the years to come.

I will never forget my first year living in Breckenridge and riding with Alec and Toms. I can’t wait to heal up from my injuries and start training at Woodward during the summer.

The best advice that I could give to anyone who wants to get good at snowboarding is to ride with others who are better, and put the necessary time into the things that aren’t always fun, such as learning to ride switch.

Keep an eye out for Toms in the US Open and World Cup of Snowboarding events… Hopefully he qualifies for the Winter olympics in the coming years!

Keystone Big Air – Toms Petrusevičs Double Cork

Article by Mike Gamache, Founder; Colorado Mountain Life