Keystone Preseason Snowboarding Practice in Area 51

Keystone Preseason Snowboarding Practice in Area 51 with Alec Vandeweerd

Keystone Preseason Practice in Area 51

The good things in life don’t come easy!

This is a quick test video I shot with new equipment early in the year. The rider is Alec Vandeweerd. Although the lighting was not optimal, and I didn’t even have editing software that allowed me to stabilize the video, my new equipment made some amazingly stable shots.

The intention this year has been to produce several high-end snowboarding videos, and bringing the dream to fruition has been nearly impossible…

As we began shooting, my Macbook Pro needed so much work that I had to completely reformat the hard drive and reinstall everything. Then at first, we couldn’t get good lighting when the equipment was working. After that, I broke the gimbal (camera stabilizer) so we decided to bring out the drone… Unfortunately the batteries were used up, so I ordered several new batteries. Next, the Gopro broke, so I had to buy a new card for it. Once the Gopro was working, Alec broke his binding during our first shot… I ordered a new gimbal, which was lost in the mail and still has not arrived, then I broke my heel and wrist on the big line kickers at Keystone.

Another disappointment is that Alec has been training with Latvian Olympic snowboarder Toms Petrusevičs, and we all became good friends… Unfortunately we were unable to capture any footage of Toms, which would have been extremely valuable for him, and fun for me.

I’m super excited for everything the future holds for Alec, myself, and Colorado Mountain Life. These challenges have been trying, and being injured during the amazing Spring months of 2015 is not fun, but the good things in life don’t come easy.

Riding with Alec and Toms has been amazing, and the little bit of successful shooting that we have done has been wonderful. Now, its time to get everything working correctly and start producing some jaw-dropping videos of everything amazing that the mountains have to offer!

Keystone Preseason Snowboarding Practice in Area 51 with Alec Vandeweerd

Article by Mike Gamache, Founder; Colorado Mountain Life