Keystone Snowboarding 2015 – Alec Vandeweerd A51 Park Riding

Keystone Snowboarding 2015 – Alec Vandeweerd A51 Park Riding

2014-2015 was Alec’s first season living in Colorado. Previously, Alec was on the Park Crew at Bittersweet in Otsego, MI.

The goal for the 2015-2016 season is to get enough sponsorships and win enough competitions that Alec will not have to take time away from snowboarding to run a ski lift or work any other type of job.

During Alec’s first season living in Breckenridge, he began training with Latvian Olympic Competitor Toms Petrusevičs, which prompted some serious progression. The team of Alec, Toms, and Colorado Mountain Life founder Mike Gamache worked together to produce this video. Alec and Toms both helped Mike (From Wichita KS) evolve from a weekend-warrior to a much better rider. At the same time, riding with these two helped Mike evolve enough to hit some really big kickers, ultimately ending his season with a broken heel and ankle.

As Alec continues to develop as a rider and build his career in snowboarding, one of the most important things is to get his videos and name out to the masses.

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Keystone Snowboarding 2015 – Alec Vandeweerd A51 Park Riding

Article and video production by Mike Gamache Additional Camera work by Toms Petrusevičs and Adam Sims