Snowboarding is Awesome 2016 – Keystone Colorado

Snowboarding is Awesome 2016 – Keystone Colorado

Snowboarding is Awesome 2016 РKeystone Colorado 

This video is a short trailer for the edits I’m working on this Spring. The footage was shot on our last couple days of riding and shooting in the Area 51 Terrain Park at the Keystone Resort in Colorado.

The rider, Alec Vandeweerd and myself have been roommates for two-seasons now. The goal has been the same since day 1 – Make amazing snowboarding videos, then get them in front of as many people as possible.

Unfortunately, on our first day of riding the park in the fall of 2014, I broke my wrist and Alec blew out his shoulder. That was the first time I ever attempted to put a shoulder back in-socket. It didn’t work that time, but I figured it out later in The Barn at Woodward at Copper.

Although Alec made it through the season wearing a shoulder brace, I later broke my ankle and heel in multiple places.

We also experienced a lot of broken and defective equipment. After everything was said and done, it took a lot of hard work to stretch the footage we had into this 6-minute terrain park edit.

Although I am still healing from my injury, 14-months later, I was still able to start riding on January 9th, 2016. It wasn’t until April, 2016 when I could start hitting some mild features and small jumps. I plan on focusing a lot on physical therapy, cycling, and yoga this summer to prepare for next snowboarding season. I will also be visiting Woodward at Copper’s summer terrain park 2-4 times a month.

I’m very excited that our videos will be playing at night time on our local Summit County public access channel, Channel 8. As I finish more videos for the TV show, I will share them on my website and social media.

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Snowboarding is Awesome 2016 – Keystone Colorado

Article by Mike Gamache