Toms Petrusevičs Snowboarding Keystone and Europe 2015

Toms Petrusevičs Snowboarding Keystone and Europe 2015

Watch this Snowboarding Keystone video on Youtube.

Last season, I moved to the mountains and began snowboarding daily. I was very fortunate to meet Toms Petrusevičs and Alec Vandeweerd. I began riding with them a majority of the time I was on the mountain.

The Area 51 Terrain Park has been referred to by Torstein Horgmo as “Shredtopia” for a reason. This park is designed for rider progression. Whether you are looking for small rails to learn on, or gigantic cannons and booters, Keystone’s A51 has it all. They also have a lift that is dedicated to the park only, which allows for riders to get significantly more laps and practice than other parks in the area.

Toms Petrusevičs is an Olympic hopeful from the country of Latvia. This year he will return to Keystone, Colorado with a coach and team mate. You will see him and Alec Vandeweerd practicing together, and I’ll be behind the camera. Unfortunately I had a bad injury last season, so I don’t know how much time I will spend in the air or on big rails.

The plan this year is for Colorado Mountain Life to sponsor Toms with video production. We will also be shooting more with Alec Vandeweerd and a few other local Summit County Riders.

Even the best riders need help launching and maintaining their pro careers. The way that you can support Toms is to watch this video, give it a “thumbs up” on Youtube, and share and like it on social media.

Anyone who knows Toms or has ridden with him realizes how dedicated he is. Let’s keep an eye out for this guy in future World Cup events, and hopefully we’ll see him in the Dew Tour, X-games, and Olympics soon! See Toms snowboarding Keystone almost daily in Area 51 for the 2015-2016 season!

Toms Petrusevičs Snowboarding Keystone and Europe 2015

Article by Mike Gamache