Video Production Demo Reel 2017

Colorado Mountain Video Production Demo Reel 2017

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Thanks for checking out our Colorado Mountain Video Production Demo Reel 2017

This video is composed of footage that I’ve captured over the last three-years. Although most of it is from Colorado, there are a few shots from elsewhere.

My past career was in video production. I was a freelancer in a past life. My hope and goal is to begin working for myself full time in Spring of 2018.

The Colorado mountains provide a wonderful place for capturing video and still images. This place has unending scenic views, a multitude of outdoor activities, and beautiful, clear mountain rivers and lakes.

I love the creative aspects of producing different types of video. Anything from action-packed gopro follow cam shots to capturing indoor events on a DSLR in a cinematic manner.

You can see this video and more of my work on the local public access television channel, Summit TV 8.

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If you need a quick, raw video that looks way better than it should for the price, hit us up! Are you looking for high-end, long-form production? We’re here for you. Need help capturing a keynote and breakout session at your next conference? Our producer, Mike is experienced, ready, and excited to shoot for you!

Video production outside of the Colorado mountains? No worries, travel is part of a Video Producer’s life. Travel is one of the reasons I got into video production in the first place.

I would love to help a few young, driven video production and internet marketing interns. Contact us to enquire today.

Colorado Mountain Video Production Demo Reel 2017

Video and Article by Mike Gamache

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